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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Below are the provisions of the legal agreement between you and submemory. By accessing the site, services and other resources of the company, as well as sites, services and other resources affiliated companies, viewing and using them, you thereby acknowledge that you have read and understood these provisions and agree to adhere to them and comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including laws and regulations relating to export and re-export. In case you do not agree with these provisions, do not use websites, services and other resources of the company submemory

submemory reserves the right, without notifying you to do so, at any time to revise these Terms of Use and any other information contained on the websites and other resources of the company. Also, submemory reserves the right, without any notice, to make improvements or changes to the products, services and services described in sites and other resources of the company.

General provisions

This page contains provisions on property rights and copyright information; the provisions contained therein must also be taken into account and observed

It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, republish, post, transmit, distribute information from the company's website and all content on information resources submemory. It is also forbidden to use them to create derivative works without the prior written consent of submemory, except that submemory grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited permission to access the Web pages contained on the company's sites, and viewing them exclusively on your computer (your other device) in the manner of personal non-commercial use of information resources. The condition for the provision of this Permission is that you will not modify the content presented on the company's websites, keep unaltered all copyright and trademark notices and other remarks on property rights, and also accept all the terms, conditions and comments accompanying the content or otherwise specified on this site. Notwithstanding all the foregoing, all programs and other materials provided through the informational resources of submemory for downloading, accessing or otherwise using and accompanied by separate license terms, conditions and remarks, will be subject to such provisions, conditions and remarks.

Failure to comply with the terms, conditions and comments provided on this page will result in the automatic cancellation of all rights granted to you without any advance notice, and you will immediately have to destroy all copies of downloaded materials that are at your disposal or under your control. Except for the limited permission granted in the previous paragraph, submemory does not grant you any rights or licenses, either express or implied, no patents, trademarks and copyrights, and no other proprietary rights or intellectual property rights. It is forbidden to display content from this site on any other websites or on any other media.

Some reservations

submemory does not promise or guarantee that the information posted on the company's websites will be correct, up-to-date or complete; information resources of the company can contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors. submemory assumes no responsibility (and explicitly disclaims responsibility) for update their information resources to continuously support the novelty of information, nor to ensure the accuracy and completeness of any information posted.

submemory does not give any assurance that the company will eliminate any problems reported to it, even if submemory and decides to provide information aimed at solving such a problem.

On the sites of the company submemory and affiliated companies, users are allowed to comment on the materials placed by the rightholders. When commenting on those or other materials on the sites of the company submemory and affiliated companies are prohibited:

  • Publication of deliberately false, unverified, libelous information.
  • Violation of the right of minors and / or propagation of harm to them in any form.
  • Insulting authors, trainers and other employees of submemory, moderators, site administration, company management, users of submemory and others.
  • Assignment of other names and surnames, commenting on someone else's name.
  • Dissemination of personal data, violation of the secrecy of correspondence and communication.
  • Wrangling (including altered spelling of the mat).
  • Duplicate comments (flood).
  • Meaningless comments (flame).
  • Comments not relevant to the topics of the articles (off-top).
  • Advertising of other sites (including links to other sites). Advertising of goods and services.
  • Messages containing more than 1000 characters and spaces.

The company reserves the right to edit or delete user comments without warning, if there are violations of the above rules


Part of the text on sites and resources submemory can be presented in any languages other than Russian. The text can be translated by a person or a computer program without the participation of a person and without further testing by a specialist. Such transfers are provided for your convenience, and submemory does not make any statements and does not undertake obligations regarding the accuracy or completeness of the translation, regardless of the execution of the translation, by a person or a computer. See the "Waiver of Guarantees" section for additional conditions.

Disclaimer of warranties

You use web sites and other information resources submemory at your own risk only. All materials, information, products, programs and services are provided "as is" without any guarantees or warranties. submemory to the fullest extent permitted by law, expressly disclaims any express, implied, statutory rights or other warranties, warranties and representations, including, but not limited to, guarantees regarding the possibility of commercial use, suitability for any purpose and non-infringement of someone's property rights or intellectual property rights. Without limitations, submemory does not give any guarantees or guarantees as to the fact, that websites and information resources will work without interruption, on a schedule, in a safe mode or without errors.

You understand and agree that by downloading or otherwise receiving materials, information, products, programs or services, you do so at your discretion and at your own risk and responsibility. For any damage that may be caused by your actions, including loss of data or damage to your computing system will be placed solely on you.

In some laws, the possibility of waiving guarantees is not allowed, in which case the above exception may not apply to you.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances will the submemory be liable to any parties for any direct, unintentional, incidental, special, punitive or other consequential damages of any kind, having any bearing on the resources of the company or related to resources, or related to use or related to use of company resources or any resource or source that would be linked by reference to sites and other information resources submemory, mentioned on the resources of the company, or to which access would be provided through the company's resources, or for the use, download or access to any materials, information, products or services, including, but not limited to, lost profits, business interruptions, missed savings or loss of programs or other data, even if submemory was explicitly warned about the possibility of such damages. This exemption and disclaimer are applicable to all grounds initiation of claims, regardless of whether the contract, contract or other legal grounds will be their basis.

submemory is not a medical organization. Employees of submemory and submemory resources (including chat-bots and other interlocutors) can not give any medical recommendations or make a diagnosis. No information placed on submemory resources or obtained through these resources should be considered as recommendations doctor or diagnosis.

The information placed on the submemory resources is not a substitute for immediate personal professional medical care and diagnostics. No methods of nutrition, physical and mental exercises and complexes mentioned on submemory resources or otherwise emanating from submemory resources should not be performed or somehow used without consulting your doctor. The information contained herein is not intended to be used as specific advice on physical and mental health or, in general, any other recommendations for any individuals or entities, and should not be used in this way. submemory is not is an expert in the field of medicine, and no information contained in submemory resources should be construed otherwise.

By paying for goods, services and services posted on the site, you acknowledge that you have consulted your attending physician, and confirm the absence from you mental or physical diseases that can lead to physical or mental injuries, as well as any other deterioration in the health of the associated using submemory resources.

By making payment, you clearly and clearly understand the possible risks and assume full responsibility for your life and health. Under no circumstances submemory is not liable for any direct or indirect damage as a result of any use of information posted on submemory resources.

With respect to the individual materials, information, products, programs and services offered on these web sites and submemory information resources, additional or other terms, conditions and remarks. In case of any contradictions such additional or other provisions, conditions and remarks will have priority before these Terms of Use.