submemory Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Statement submemory on privacy on the Internet

The present Application comes into force on July 1, 2018.

submemory attaches great importance to the confidentiality of your information, as maintaining your safety and trust is our paramount task.

This Statement outlines the principles of working with information on submemory resources and affiliated companies, including what kind of information is collected and tracked, how this information is used and to whom it is provided.

The submission of a submemory on Internet privacy applies only to websites and other submemory and affiliate resources that in turn contain a link to this application, as well as an offline technical support service for users. Below are the key provisions of the Statement.

From time to time, we can supplement and expand this Statement of other information relating to individual forms of interaction with you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or its application, please contact customer support

If you do not want us to use your personal data to contact you in the future with any goals that go beyond your request, you should contact our customer support and we will consider your wishes.

Information we collect

In a number of situations, you can provide your personal data directly to us. For example, you can, if you wish, tell us your name and contact information for contacting you, ordering a product, processing an order, registering and receiving a service, including you in the list of subscribers or establishing business relations with you, if you are a supplier or business partner .

What we collect:

  • registration - when you register in the Unified submemory system to facilitate access to the company's information resources, you may need to provide information about yourself, for example, your name, surname, year of birth, city and country of residence, contact information.
  • authorization - to access some submemory services, you will need to specify your e-mail and password, which we call your submemory account
  • data from other sources - we can get additional information from third-party sources. This ensures maximum accuracy and completeness of information and promotes more effective forms of interaction with you. In this case, we ask the suppliers to confirm that the personal data was received by third parties in accordance with the law and that we have the right to collect and use this data.
  • records of personal diaries - such records are stored on cloud servers in an encrypted form using standard verified cryptographic mechanisms. The diary entries are stored in an impersonal form. Access to these records is only the immediate user - the creator of these records. Access is made using submemory services.

Use of personal data

The following paragraphs describe in more detail how a submemory can use the personal data you provide.

Fulfillment of your requests for the provision of a certain service

If you request anything from submemory, for example, access to the personal cabinet of the user, access to a personal diary with the help of a messenger or another application, the personal data provided by you will be used to fulfill your request, in particular to confirm your rights to access the requested information. In addition, we can contact you about conducting a transaction as part of a customer opinion survey or a market research. We reserve the right to use your registration data (without linking them to individual diary entries) for conducting such studies.

Customizing our websites

We can use your personal data to provide customized customization of our websites and resources in accordance with your requirements, for example, to personalize the services and materials that can be provided and interesting, as well as to simplify navigation on sites and other our resources.

Access to personal diary entries

The records of personal diaries are produced by you and stored encrypted on the submemory servers in view of the features of the operation of the mechanisms of services, programs and other submemory resources. Access to the decrypted records is received only directly by the author-user of such records, using the services, programs and other submemory resources.

Providing support

submemory reserves the right to use your personal data specified during registration and other your contact details in order to support the products and services you purchased, as well as to notify you of updates, functionality changes and other notifications.

In the process of providing technical support, we can access the registration and other contact information that you provided to us or that are stored in our system. It can be your personal data or data about the employees of your organization. We do not get access to the records of your individual diaries.


The data you provided to submemory, as well as those received from third parties, can be used by submemory for marketing and research purposes, excluding the data of your individual diaries.

However, you can at any time refuse to receive marketing materials and newsletters that we ship. To do this, you must cancel the subscription, following the instructions that are included in each e-mail sent to you, inform us of your decision during the phone call or contact the support service via the feedback form on the company's websites.

Selection of partners

If you apply for a job or request information in connection with a vacancy published on submemory web sites or other sources, you can provide us with information about yourself in the CV and cover letter. We can use this information exclusively within the submemory to consider your candidacy or to fulfill your information request. If you do not specify that you do not want this, we can keep this information for future reference.

Protection of rights and property of submemory, as well as third parties

The company may use or disclose your registration and other contact information in order to protect its rights and property, as well as business partners, suppliers, customers and other persons, if we have sufficient grounds to believe that such rights or property rights may be violated . In addition, we reserve the right to disclose your registration and other contact details in cases provided by applicable law. Such cases include both the requirement of the court in the trial of our resources and our opinion that such measures are necessary to protect our rights or the rights of third parties.

Security and reliability of information

The company submemory undertakes to protect the personal data of users and ensure their reliability. We use the physical, administrative and technical security tools that are necessary to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, theft and misuse.

Issues related to privacy and access

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement or the use of your data by submemory, you can send an email to customer support at

Information about payment instruments

Information about payments is information that you provide when making online purchases and payments. It can include the standard and details of your payment tool (for example, a credit card), your name and address to send the invoice, and the security code that applies to this payment tool (for example, CSV or CVV code).

Payment information is used to complete your transaction, as well as to detect and prevent fraud. To perform these actions, as well as reduce credit risk, submemory does not store information about your payments, as all transactions are carried out on the side of banks and other financial institutions and services that conduct payment transactions. This approach allows to significantly increase the security and reliability of payment transactions.

Saving Information

The company submemory reserves the right to store your registration information, as long as you have access to your account, or as much as you will be provided with a particular service. If you do not want us not to use your registration information for the purpose of providing you services, please report this to us at We will do our best to store and use your registration information in accordance with your requirements, legal obligations and the implementation of our agreements.

The company submemory reserves the right to store records of your personal diaries, as long as you have access to your account, or as much as you will be provided with a particular service. If you do not want to save the records of your personal diaries on the submemory resources, you can delete such records using the My Account on

Notification of changes.

When significant changes are made to this Privacy Statement, we post at the top of this page an information message to notify users that is displayed within 30 days of the approval of the changes. If you wish to use your personal data in a manner different from the one specified at the time of receiving this information, we will notify you of this and you are authorized to allow or not allow us to use your personal data in this way.