About the project submemory.com

About the project "Auxiliary memory"

submemory ("Auxiliary memory") is a program-interlocutor, which works both as a personal assistant and as an intelligent diary. The job of the assistant is to remember many things instead of the user, to keep under control all the little things that he can forget. Use "Auxiliary memory" to easily remember, remember for a long time and quickly recall the necessary facts and events.

Our goal

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to remember as much as you need. Many people suffer from various memory disorders. Alzheimer's disease, Cerebral atherosclerosis and other diseases occur more and more often. The task of the project "Auxiliary memory" Help you cope with memory problems in yourself and your loved ones. After all, to preserve memory means to receive not only an additional 2-3 years of full-fledged life, but also the same number of years of calm and emotional stability for the relatives of the sick.

Who can benefit from our project

In addition to people with direct memory impairments, "Auxiliary memory" will be useful to those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, asthma, chronic allergies or hypertension. Write down: what and when you ate, what medicines you took, whether side effects were experienced and which ones. Easily find the required records.

"Auxiliary memory" can play for you the role of a cognitive simulator. Such a simulator will be useful for healthy people, with the usual forgetfulness in everyday life and at work - not visible to others and does not affect communication.

Perhaps it will be convenient for you not to keep constantly in your head small household and working information. In this case, you will not release it from attention (various work records, relatively unimportant events, minor facts or details of private life). For healthy people, "Auxiliary memory" can become an analogue of an interactive intellectual notebook or a smart diary with a search.

If you do not experience the above problems with health, "Auxiliary memory" is useful to you as a convenient tool, which is convenient to track their achievements. Analyze your actions, save important thoughts and events in a convenient and accessible way:

  • remember what you ate or drank, if you are interested in your health and plan a diet;
  • remember the results of your training and other achievements, if you are involved in sports and lead an active lifestyle;
  • if you are a future mother - "Auxiliary memory" will play for you the role of a diary of ovulation, then a diary of pregnancy and a diary of the development of the child;
  • You can record goals and achievements as a kind of diary of success;
  • if you are interested in self-development - use "Auxiliary memory" to record introspection, a diary of dreams and meditation.

Basis of the project

The project submemory ("Auxiliary memory") - in its work uses the experimental mechanisms obtained during the study Hypotheses about the Newell-Simon Physical Symbol System (PSSH-NS). More about the results of the PSSH-NS study, please visit the website research group CorteXistenZ.com.


Email : support@submemory.com.

Address: Evgenia Sverstyuka street 19, Kiev, Ukraine